Thorsten HeinsWe all know that BlackBerry isn’t doing too well right now, and that BlackBerry 10 is probably going to make or break the company’s comeback (though the fact that it is only being released next year isn’t helping very much). However, in an attempt to alleviate the fears of its fans and consumers, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins decided to have a Q&A session with readers of The Globe and Mail. Over 200 questions were submitted and the best 10 were chosen and presented to Heins to answer.

According to the Q&A, here’s what we learnt: BlackBerry 10 is going to be a mobile platform built from the ground up as opposed to being an updated version of the current BlackBerry OS. The reason that BlackBerry 10 is taking so long to come out is so that RIM can push out an OS that’s extremely polished as opposed to rushing it out for the sake of competition – let’s hope this delay pays off for the company. Heins seems pretty committed to the Q1 2013 deadline of the first BlackBerry 10 phone so don’t expect it to be delayed (unless RIM encounters a huge stumbling block towards the end of the year).

It’s a pretty interesting read and if you’d like to check out the Q&A, just head here to read the whole thing. If you could ask RIM’s CEO a question, what would it be?

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