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RIM has done something admirable today. In an extremely coordinated effort, RIM senior execs confronted the Canadian media to tell their side of the BlackBerry story and gain control over the message that was being depicted by observers. RIM CEO and President Thorsten Heins even wrote his own editorial on the current company’s status. Crackberry had the opportunity to sit down with new Executive VP of Global Sales and Regional Marketing, Rick Costanzo, and the interview wasvery interesting.


When asked about the Blackberry 10 postponed launch date, Costanzo mentioned that they only had one opportunity to do this correctly and that Blackberry 10 is bigger than just a mobile OS: there’s also a car component and an embedded component. He ended the statement with: ” We’ll come out extremely strong next year a with a fully-baked product.” It’s good to hear that they are taking the times to doing things correctly and not rushing a half-baked product like what many thought happened with the Playbook.

Costanzo made a couple of more statements about the company’s commitment to Blackberry 10 then made sure to mention that the company’s financials are sound, despite recent quarterly losses and plunging stock:

“For the guys that are calling for our demise I would say $2 billion dollars in the bank, zero debt and continuing to grow net cumulative subscribers every single quarter does not sound like a company that is about to go under.”

Costanzo also reassured everyone that Blackberry 7 could last until Blackberry 10, especially with it being introduced into new markets.

Costanzo ended the interview with the following statement: “We’re fully aware of what we’re building with BlackBerry 10. If we get this right we’re set for the next ten years.” Costanzo and the rest of the RIM execs definitely showed a lot of confidence and awareness in what the company’s status is and what the future holds. I am looking forward to what RIM presents with BlackBerry 10. What do you guys think? Do you think that RIM has what it takes to bounce back and become one of the top dogs again in the smartphone market?

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