RIM and their collection of Blackberry smartphones have not exactly been doing too well in the past few years, and I suppose that they and Nokia can be pretty cozy bedfellows together. Well, RIM is not going just throw in the towel like that, and they do cater to folks who are not huge fans of swipe gestures. In fact, one of the main highlights of BlackBerry 10 would be this special keyboard which is more or less a step right ahead of its user. RIM was given the patent for the logic based text prediction in its final version. It will not look out for typos, but instead, the patented keyboard is capable of guessing the next word depending on whether the context of the words around it, or to rely on other criteria such as common expressions.

The only time the technique does not work to predict words is when you are typing out passwords, as RIM does not want to be too clever for its own good. Makes perfect and good sense to us.

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