Scented postcardFor many years now, postcards haven’t changed a lot. A photograph of a scenic location on one side and text and an address on the other. Well, a student in China (who happens to be a lover of good food and travel) has come up with a concept device that can change all that. Called a food printer, this device is used to capture photographs, extract smells and then print out a postcard with the image and smell on it for you to send to your friends or family.


The device works by using an aroma sensor that can analyze smells coming from the food (or whatever subject you point it at) and prints out the smell by mixing different aroma inks stored inside the machine. Once it replicates the smell, it will be printed along with the image on the postcard.

The device won the “most fun” award in the Sony Student Design Workshop 2012 and it’s still at the concept stage, so don’t expect it to hit the market anytime soon. But if it does, you can be sure that postcards will never be the same again.

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