As we’re sure that most of you guys probably know, Rolls Royce cars are by no means cheap. In fact they’re pretty much out of the reach for most of us. Despite different opinions regarding value for money versus performance and etc., the Rolls Royce brand is indeed a luxury one which makes us wonder how does one add more value to such a car? Well, by covering it with crystals of course! Yup, pictured above is none other than a Rolls Royce car that has been covered all over with over a million Swarovski crystals, with the Rolls Royce logo itself covered with over 4,000 topaz gems. Seems a little excessive but we have to admit, it looks pretty amazing albeit gratuitous. This project reportedly took six employees several years to complete and is expected to go on sale at a charity auction. The car is also expected to fetch millions of Euros which will go to the Help in Motion charity that aims to provide free medical clinics to countries where quality healthcare might not be so readily available.

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