You might have seen BMW’s Vision 100 concept car and thought about how cars of the future will look and feel like. BMW is the parent company of British luxury brand Rolls-Royce and now RR has come out with its Vision 100 concept car that’s absolutely bonkers. It’s so bonkers that you’re going to need a minute to process what exactly is going on with the car. For starters, it personifies the iconic The Spirit of Ecstasy figurine as Eleanor, an AI which the company describes as your “ethereal concierge.”

BMW envisages the future of mobility in two or three decades from now with these concepts. Vision 100 is part of its centenary celebrations so the group is going all out on concept cars.

Rolls-Royce cars have always been associated with luxury and opulence but the new concept is in a class of its own. It measures almost 20 feet in length and is five feet tall and is fitted with the finest materials known to man.

The RR concept car is fully autonomous which is why there’s no steering wheel or controls in the car. It’s a two-seater with a couch so you can your passenger can relax while this fully autonomous zero-emissions car drives you to your private jet.

There’s a full cabin width transparent OLED display inside the car, the cabin also features Massacar wood, a carpet of “hand-twisted silk,” as well as “extraordinarily soft silk” on the upholstery.

Rolls-Royce was shooting for the concept of “grand arrival” with this concept car so that people know who’s making an entry, and it will certainly do a better job of it than current RR cars even though they’re some of the most luxurious cars on the market.

It’s a concept so it won’t be available anytime soon. Who knows, in 20 years this will become a reality, but only for the 1 percent.

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