rolls-royce-bags-1Luggages can be expensive, but they should also be seen as investments especially since they can last you for a very, very long time if you take care of them and choose one that is sturdy and that can withstand being tossed around by baggage handlers. Now some brands such as Rimowa are already considered pretty expensive, but we reckon that they have nothing on Rolls-Royce.

Yup, the name that you associate with luxury vehicles and airplane engines has recently rolled out a 6-piece luggage set that will set you back a whopping $46,000. With that kind of money, you could buy yourself a brand new car, and if you were to average that out, it’s a little over $7,600 per luggage, yikes!

That being said it is obvious that this Wraith Luggage Collection is not for the average Joe. It has been designed by the company to complement their bespoke cars and just like their cars, these bags can be customized, meaning that you can get the same leather for your bags as you could your car seats.

They will be made from premium hand-stitched leather and will also sport carbon fiber frames. The collection will consist of two “Grand Tourer” valises, three “Long Weekender” bags, and a “Garment Carrier”.

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