As we’re sure that some of you guys are aware by now, HP’s attempt to challenge the iPad and Android tablets with their webOS TouchPad did not go very well. However this does not mean that they have given up completely on the idea of tablets since they have confirmed that they will be releasing an Intel-based tablet running on Windows 8. However apart from that announcement, it is unclear as to what that tablet could look like which we’re sure is on everyone’s minds. However those questions could be answered (or lead to more questions) thanks to a recent HP commercial dubbed, “Make It Matter”. In the video above if you skip to the 0:55 mark, you will spot a man holding a HP tablet in landscape mode. Some have speculated that the landscape mode could be an indication that this tablet is running on Windows 8 (since landscape mode was the way Microsoft intended for Windows 8 to be used). The placement of the HP logo further cements this fact. Not much can be seen in the video although based on the back, it does look pretty sleek. We’re guessing that details will be revealed further down the line, so be sure to check back with us then for more news!

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