4G LTE can pull some pretty impressive speeds on your phone, allowing you to stream video and audio pretty much flawlessly. Unfortunately this usually comes at the expense of your phone draining battery faster, plus less choice when it comes to compatible devices. While 4G might be the buzzword of the season, it seems that in a recent poll that was conducted by Piper Jaffray, it was revealed that out of 3,000 participants polled, a good 46.8% did not seem to care that much for 4G, while only 15.1% said that they prefer 4G LTE.

These results seem a little odd given how much effort that carriers are putting into expanding their networks and providing more 4G LTE coverage, plus the fuss that everyone seems to be making over how Apple’s next-gen iPhone could possibly sport 4G LTE compatibly as well. Then again the poll is only a sampling so safe to say, it does not speak for everyone, but what are your thoughts? Is having 4G LTE that important to you? Or are you perfectly happy with using 3G at the moment? In the meantime if you’re still unsure what 4G networks are and what are the differences, you can check out our great write-up here for the details!

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