We do know that Japan, while on paper does seem to have its fair share of empty land, that does not mean all of it are hospitable. This means feeding the country using its own resources is quite a tough challenge, not to mention having the odd natural disaster once in a while makes the life of a farmer rather challenging. How about a future where each citizen is able to produce approximately 10,000 vegetables each year on a plot that measures no larger than the average car park? Yes sir, watch the video above and be amazed with the Agri-cube compact hydroponic unit.

Some of the more unique technologies employed by the Agri-cube compact hydroponic unit include the Variable Height Illumination System that is said to be able to deliver a specific amount of light for cultivation, while the Fertilizer Circulation and Drainage System helps make cleaning cultivation racks a snap. Other equipment that can be added on as packages are air-conditioning, among others, so even if you do not have a green thumb, the Agri-cube compact hydroponic unit should be able to work miracles. It will not come cheap though, where there are two models priced at around $70,000 and $108,000, respectively.

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