Unofficial fan art concept

While the current Applevs. Samsung trial is about phones and tablets, Phil Schiller who is Apple’s VP of Marketing has testified that Apple had discussed building a car at some point. This got out of the trial via a Tweet from Nick Bilton (New York Times)– “Phil Schiller on stand said before making the iPhone, there was discussion of Apple making a camera or a car – ‘crazy stuff.’”

While there is much innovation left to achieve in automobiles, Google is actually the leading tech company with their autonomous cars (at least, in my opinion). That said, who knows what Apple could come up with – cars are still not that smart and the interaction between car and computers is minimal, at best. Of course, people have already imagine what an Apple car would be like, and there is no shortage of fan concepts on the web.

Do you think that Apple can “revolutionize” another industry, or would you rather stick to automakers you know and trust? What would be your dream features for an Apple car? Drop a comment below.

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