We know that RIM has plans to roll out several Blackberry 10 devices, although the question on the minds of many Blackberry fans is when? While a specific release date still eludes us, the Wall Street Journal (paid article) has reported that according to RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins, he has confirmed to the publication that the company is currently showing off two Blackberry 10 beta devices to carriers this week. One of them features a keyboard, while the other is a full touchscreen device which will also be the first Blackberry 10 device to launch.


Heins also goes on to confirm that these are two of six Blackberry 10 devices planned, half of which will be full touchscreen. He was also quoted as saying, “We’re near the finishing line” and that “the physical shape and feel of the new phones is finished and the software nearly complete.” Other details revealed include the fact that the batteries of Blackberry 10 devices are removable, allowing for hard resets and also for replacing them in the eventuality that they stop being as efficient.

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