Evan Williams and Biz Stone, founders of Twitter who are most probably more famous amongst the tech community as @ev and @biz, have recently introduced Branch and Medium, two new websites which intend to complement the Twitter ecosystem. Williams and Stone were careful enough to make sure that Medium and Branch will not offer a repeat of Twitter in any way, but they do hope that the Internet savvy community will be able to have Branch and Medium work alongside Twitter, keeping their fingers crossed that the two new websites will end up as indispensable in the long run.


Just what is Branch and Medium? Well, Branch offers Twitter users (or should I say, tweeps?) a place to continue where the conversation left off, without being limited to just 140 characters per message. Those who are interested can join specific discussions, while others are able to listen and lurk around, while finding a gem of an opinion to take as their own. As for Medium, you can say that this is a high class Pinterest where you can build up your own collection of images, quotes and other interesting titbits. You will need to sign in on Twitter at first, before you are able to contribute to public collections and place your vote on pieces which pique your interest.

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