Robotic vacuum cleaners are definitely able to help you get the job done when it was first released, but those are not exactly the cutest things that you would find in any living room. The Cocorobo vacuum cleaner that you see here from Sharp is one that was specially destined to be appealing to everyone, where it is not only remote-controlled as all modern day appliances should be, it is also capable of talking to people. Granted, Cocorobo will not be the most stimulating conversation partner you will ever run into, but at least from what we have seen in the past, it is worth a shot.

One great thing about the Cocorobo is its ability to function in a somewhat familiar manner as that of a pet dog – after all, it will respond to your voice. For instance, barging through the door after a long day at work, yelling “I’m home!” would see you receive a warm welcome from the Cocorobo itself, and even if you swear at it in your particularly foul mood, it will still continue to get the job done without frowning or pulling a long face.

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