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Roborock S7 Mops and Vacuums Simultaneously
There is something very attractive about robotic vacuuming and mopping because it’s clearly something that no one wants to do. Over the years, we’ve tried quite a few and have kept an eye on the industry ever since.

Dyson 360 Eye Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you know that there are the ordinary looking models that do not seem to change all that much from one generation to another, but when there is the name Dyson thrown into the mix, you know for sure that you will come across something special. I myself have a Dyson DC44 Animal vacuum that does its job admirably well for a small apartment, but […]

LG Bedding King Vacuum Cleaner
The bedroom should be one of the cleanest rooms in any home, considering how private it is, and you would definitely prefer to sink your face into a fluffy and nice smelling pillow, don’t you? Well, for those of us who have this apparent allergy to dust, you might want to consider getting anti-dust mite pillow and mattress protectors, in addition to a decent performing vacuum cleaner for your bed. […]

Cocorobo vacuum cleaner is one cute looking home appliance
Robotic vacuum cleaners are definitely able to help you get the job done when it was first released, but those are not exactly the cutest things that you would find in any living room. The Cocorobo vacuum cleaner that you see here from Sharp is one that was specially destined to be appealing to everyone, where it is not only remote-controlled as all modern day appliances should be, it is […]


LG Vacuum Robot has Smart Diagnostics, tells you it is sick
Fancy a robot which is capable of diagnosing what is wrong with it? LG has crossed that barrier with their latest robotic vacuum cleaner, known as the VR6172LVM, where it will go about cleaning your home’s floor of dust bunnies and their innumerable spawn. Apart from basic autonomous vacuuming, the LG Vacuum Robot also sports a low noise design of 48dB, and has a new Self Voice Over Diagnostic feature […]

Polaris 9300xi Sport sucks up scum from your pool
If you’re rich enough to have a swimming in your house compound, then chances are you wouldn’t skimp on its upkeep, employing someone to clean it up from time to time so that it doesn’t turn into a mosquito breeding ground. Well, what happens when you’re on a tight budget, living from month-to-month in order to upkeep such an image, hence unable to hire another helping hand? There is the […]

The Dog Dung Vacuum does the dirty work for you
Tired of having to clean up after your dog every time you take it out for a walk? Wish there was an easier way or that your dog didn’t have to take its business with it everywhere it went? Well, you can’t stop your doing from doing what it needs to do – sometimes when you gotta go, you just gotta go. So the next best thing you can do […]

Giant dust ball supposedly cleans up your home
The giant dust ball that you see here is supposedly meant to make sure your home remains nice and clean, free from dust bunnies that tend to terrorize those hard-to-reach places. Well, it looks pretty zany, and would make for a good conversation starter, but the height of this thing surely makes it unable to enter those nooks and crannies. Interestingly enough, the motor within will also double up as […]

Samsung Navibot vacuum cleaners
We know that the Roomba line of vacuum cleaners wowed the world when they were first unveiled, as mom could happily spend some time in front of the TV while the floor was being vacuumed. Well, Samsung wants in on the game as well with their line of Navibot vacuum cleaners, coming in Samsung Navibot SR8845 and Samsung Navibot SR8855 models. These automated vacuum cleaners will be able to go […]

Pet Pooch Power System
Check out the Pet Pooch Power System – it sure makes life a whole lot easier since you no longer have to pick up after your pooch using plastic bags or newspapers, as it will suck up whatever waste your four-legged friend left behind thanks to the power of vacuum technology. It comes with an on-board rechargeable battery that works great for up to 150 uses before a charge is […]

Here comes Neato XV-11, the Roomba killer
There’s a new vacuum robot in Silicon Valley: Neato has officially launched and it aims at grabbing the top spot from Roomba, the current champion in the robotic vacuum category. To take on Roomba, Neato is said to solve old problems that iRobot (the company behind Roomba) never really improved (because of the lack of competition?). Smarter: Roomba is pretty dumb. It does not know where it is, and it […]

U290 Bagless Robot Cleaner
Just before you jump out of your seat and scream, “Roomba clone!”, the U290 Bagless Robot Cleaner does try to be different in some ways. For instance, it comes in a striking red color, featuring an automatic recharging and self-adjusting cleaning head that is able to handle various surfaces such as carpets, lino and a whole host of other floor coverings. The small size allows it to sneak in under […]

Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum
Something tells me that purchasing this will help your kids get more interesting in housechores once they’ve had a taste of the Ghostbusters game. After all, instead of trapping wayward spirits just like our beloved characters in the cartoon does, why not use your imagination and suck all the dust bunnies in the home with this? After all, the Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum will move with you no matter where you […]