5 days ago, we talked about how NASA will be broadcasting the Mars landing of the Curiosity Rover live at New York’s world famous Times Square. Well, since good things always come to those who wait, we have word that NASA’s Curiosity Rover has just landed on Mars, where its descent-stage retrorockets made their mark, guiding it for a safe landing on the Red Planet’s surface. The use of nylon cords helped lower the rover to the ground in the “sky crane” maneuver. Once the spacecraft’s electronics sensed an imminent touchdown, the connecting cords were severed, while the descent stage managed to fly itself out of the way. It landed sometime in mid-afternoon – which was approximately around 3 p.m. local Mars time at Gale Crater. Now, the continued search for extra-terrestrial life continues. Do you think that Curiosity will be able to handle the tasks that has been set before it, and what new discoveries will be made before this decade is over? [NASA page]

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