Since we are all about High Definition at the movies and in our living rooms these days, why not check out a historical landing made by NASA’s Curiosity Rover which was recorded in High Definition? Compiled from the probe’s MARDI descent camera, what you see above has been touted to be the best quality landing video to date, where it allows you to have a glimpse at what it feels like to ride alongside the Curiosity Rover right down to the Red Planet’s surface. Just to benefit those who do not have a decent Internet connection, the video above begins with the jettisoning of Curiosity’s heat shield, before Curiosity hovers around for a while under its parachute, prior to landing on Mount Sharp while taking in the breathtaking view of craters as well as the lower reaches of its final target. Folks suffering from vertigo might want to prepare an air sickness back as Curiosity dives lower, while the engines kick in to assist in its powered descent sequence. Interesting watch, don’t you think so?

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