You know the effects of beer goggles? Well, it is safe to assume that the 1980s audio icon from Sony, the Walkman, might have reached the end of the road for a fair number of years already, but that does not mean it no longer has any relevance in our society. No sir, in fact, fans of the Sony Walkman (which has since seen a mini resurgence in the form of a digital media player) will find the Drinkman a refreshing purchase, being a hip flask that was specially designed to resemble that of the old school Sony Walkman. Open up the cap and you will find the Drinkman is well capable of holding up to 150ml of your favorite poison.

Available from September onwards, there is no word on pricing, but we do not expect it to actually cost a bomb considering the nature of the electronically-inspired design and form factor. This is one “Walkman” that will definitely perk you up after knocking a few rounds around and about. Hey, with fake buttons at the side, it could have fooled anyone from a distance!

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