Sony-Xperia-Z2-06Many years ago in the age of the feature phone, Sony had launched a Walkman-specific phone where the emphasis was placed on the music playback capabilities. However once Sony entered into the smartphone market, the distinction was lost. However according to new rumors, Sony could be thinking about launching a Walkman-based smartphone in the near future.

The device has been tentatively dubbed the Sony Xperia Z4 Music. Presumably this is a phone that will share at least some of the upcoming Xperia Z4’s specs, except that there will be an emphasis placed on its music playback capabilities. What does this mean? Well for starters the rumors claim that it will be able to support a wider range of codecs out of the box.

It will also feature front-facing surround speakers made by S-Force Pro. Oddly enough the screen of the Xperia Z4 Music will be that of a 4-inch display and its resolution is nowhere near the rumored QHD resolution of the Xperia Z4. However it will pack a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset which means that it is no slouch.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but given that we’ve seen Sony’s renewed attempts at recreating the Walkman, perhaps a Walkman-inspired Xperia phone might not be that much of a stretch. MWC 2015 is kicking off in the next couple of months so do check back with us then for more info.

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