Bringing electronic devices on airplanes has been somewhat controversial, with some arguing that the electronic devices might interfere with the plane’s controls, while others claim that based on testing, there’s really nothing to be worried about. Regardless, the FAA is the one that makes the final decision and for those who don’t buy into the hoo-ha of the use of electronic devices (i.e. tablets, smartphones, etc.) on airplanes, you might be interested to learn that the FAA might be reconsidering their rules on the matter.

The FAA is expected to launch a working group that will be reevaluating the current regulations and will comprise of government, industry and consumer representatives. They will be exploring the various safety factors and reexamine just how much interference our electronic devices might have on critical radio frequencies used by the flight crew. The use of phones will still be prohibited, but for those who want to use their tablets or their e-readers during takeoff and landing might be able to do so in the future. The FAA has also published a request for comment, so if you’d like your voice to be heard, head on over to the link for the details.

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