Facebook is showing no signs of decline following its decision to go public this year. This week alone, we witnessed a lot of things going on in the platform – Facebook Stories, McAfee Social Protection for Facebook, the global expansion of its App Center, and more. But the social networking giant isn’t stopping there. Today, Chuck Rossi of Facebook’s engineering team announced that the team will be rolling out updates to the site twice a day. Rossi noted that the decision came after the opening of Facebook’s new engineering office in London last week and the recent hiring of a release engineer in their New York office.

The New York-based push will provide more power and support to the team as well the capability to move and ship codes as quickly as possible. “When I came to Facebook in 2008, I was the only release engineer, supporting around 100 developers in one location. Now that we’ve added more people and offices around the world, my small team in California (and now New York) is supporting hundreds more developers who are producing 6 times the amount of code per week. We’re making this change to keep our release process as quick and efficient at 1000 engineers as it was at 100,” Rossi said.

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