So you think that current touchscreen technology is the bomb, so much so that there is no more room for improvement – at least nothing that you can think of at the moment? We’ve got news for you, boys and girls, thanks to Freescale’s latest announcement of the Xtrinsic 3.0 touchscreen technology that is so sensitive, it is even capable of sensing your swipes and touches through a film of water, now how about that? Of course, we do know that most consumer electronics and water do not mix, but there are exceptions to the rule, and the Freescale Xtrinsic 3.0 would be one of the specially designed ones.

Meant to see action in industrial, medical and in-car systems, the Freescale Xtrinsic 3.0 will feature pre-built user interfaces that are more than ready to be added to any device. Apart from being able to work through water, it is also full well capable of withstanding noise, detect electrical interference and reduce false touches. We do wonder just when will it be licensed before it arrives in everyday pieces of consumer electronics.

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