Freescale Radar

While some of us may live in a place where it’s sunny all the time, most of us aren’t so fortunate and have to endure difficult conditions when driving; heavy rain, fog, and even animals crossing the roads in the middle of the night. While you can be the most cautious person behind the wheel, sometimes it’s just impossible to see what’s in front of your car. Well, the folks over at Freescale have come up with a solution to the problem.

Freescale has developed a high-resolution 77GHz radar system that can allow people to “see” even though their eyes won’t let them – so they don’t end up hitting people or objects when driving in the rain. As well as aiding drivers who drive in difficult conditions, the radar is versatile enough to help drivers to detect blind spots and obstacles when they’re doing something challenging like parking a car in a tight spot. No word on when we’ll start seeing the radar being used in cars or how much it’ll cost, but any technology that helps to prevent accidents should be worth it. Read up more about the radar at Freescale’s website.

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