ARM, Freescale, Samsung And Some Others Form Linaro

Technology giants ARM, Freescale, Samsung, IBM, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments have come together to form a non-profit organization called Linaro. The goal of the company is to develop and distribute technology that will make it easier for manufacturers to put Linux on ARM-based devices such as phones, netbooks, tablets and other devices. You shouldn’t expect to see a Linaro Linux distribution running around anytime soon, though, as the company is focusing on kernel optimizations and other software tools to make it easier for others to load Linux-based optimization and other software tools on ARM-based systems. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux, is also working with Linaro as an engineering partner, though the goal is to make as manyLinux distributions as possible work on ARM-powered devices. With the first set of tools being released this summer, we’re looking forward to seeing what new devices with innovative software using Linaro’s technology surfaces.

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