Sometimes words aren’t enough and pictures do speak louder, that’s why Google is announcing a nifty update to its Google Translate app for Android. And we are talking about something that probably has never been done before. Google calls the update “point, tap, brush, and listen” and even said that it is now getting closer to the Babel fish. The said update now allows aspiring polyglots to use their smartphone camera to input text without typing.

Explaining how it works, Google said that users will have to push the camera button (obviously), point it to some text, tap to freeze the picture, brush the part you want to translate with your finger, and listen to the translation by clicking the text-to-speech icon. Remember, that’s point, tap, brush, and listen, just in case you forget. “Now give it a try – translate your favorite tapas menu items quicker when you’re visiting Barcelona, decipher those mysterious Australian road signs, and finally learn how to pronounce the name of your favorite Russian movie,” said Google’s Etienne Deguine, Associate Product Manager for Google Translate.

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