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Google Translate’s Offline Mode Just Got A Bit Better
Google Translate is an amazing tool, although one of the downsides is that for the most part, you will need an internet connection for it to work the best. This is because the processing is typically done on a remote server, so if you want the best results, having an internet connection is crucial.

Google Translate's Instant Translation Adds Support For 60 New Languages
Google Translate has received a major update for its instant camera translation feature. It allows users to just point their camera at a foreign text and have it translated into English. It makes it easier to understand your surroundings when you’re in a country where English isn’t used for signs. This feature’s usability has been improved with support for 60 more languages.

Wikipedia Integrates Google Translate To Make Editing Easier
Wikipedia offers up articles in a variety of languages to cater to users around the world who do not necessarily speak English. However that progress has been somewhat slow due to the translation tool that the website uses, but that could change soon because Wikipedia has announced that they will be integrating Google Translate into their translation tool.

Google Translate Gets Gender Specific Translations For A Few Languages
Google has been making an effort across all of its services this year to reduce gender bias in machine learning. Its latest move is to address gender bias by providing gender specific translations for some languages on Google Translate, one of the most widely used online services for translation.


Google Translate Now Works In Any Android App
Google has sent out an update today for Translate for Android, the updated app brings a new feature called Tap to Translate, which expands the translation-anywhere feature that the company showcased with Marshmallow in the fall last year. This is going to eliminate the need for users to paste foreign language test in the Google Translate app every time they want to find out what a particular phrase or sentence […]

Google Translate Now Supports Over 100 Languages
Google Translate has been an extremely useful tool for trying to figure out what certain websites are saying, what other people are saying, and also a good way to communicate when you’re on holiday in a foreign destination that does not speak your native language. So far Google has covered most of the major languages spoken around the world, but it seems that they’re still not done.

Error Caused Google Translate To Convert Russia To Mordor
Google’s online services are used by billions of people across the globe, it’s free online translation service happens to be very popular, so an error is not likely to go unnoticed. Google has now fixed what it says was an “automated” error which caused its online translation tool convert the words “Russian Federation” into Mordor, in case you’re not aware Mordor isn’t a real place, it’s a fictional dark territory from […]

Google Translate For iOS Updated With Split View Support
Recently it was revealed that Google Translate for Android got some new features, namely the ability for Android developers to include the ability for users to get translations from directly within their own app. This is versus users have to swap out to the Google Translate app and swap back in.This made Translate infinitely more useful, and it looks like the app for iOS is gaining similar features as well. […]

Google Translate Can Now Translate Directly Within Apps
Imagine trying to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English particularly well over messaging apps like WhatsApp; it can be difficult, right? Imagine if that conversation was peppered in sentences and phrases made in a foreign language, forcing you to copy and paste it into a translation app to figure out what it means.The good news is that if you run an Android device, you won’t have to do that […]

Your Android Wear Smartwatch Can Now Translate Entire Conversations
Google has detailed the next major update for Android Wear today, and aside from the fact that Wi-Fi support is finally coming to the LG G Watch R, Google Translate is coming to the wearable platform as well. This means that your Android Wear smartwatch is now fully capable of translating entire conversations. This will be a great help for travelers since they can get translations from their wrist and […]

Google Translate Now Supports Visual Translation For 20 More Languages
Imagine you’re traveling in a foreign country and you’re not familiar with the language, how would you go about reading signboards and directions? You could ask the locals or you could take a chance and hope you’re down the right patch. If you’re tech savvy you’ll probably whip out your smartphone and use Google Translate’s visual translation feature which as of today supports 27 languages.

Google Translate Will Now Understand Informal Speech
Google Translate is a handy tool if you’re looking to translate a couple of words here and there. Sometimes it isn’t particularly accurate especially when it comes to long sentences as it is sometimes unable to understand informal speech, syntax, context, and/or slang. Usually this results in a very direct translation which can be good enough to get the gist of.However if you wanted more accurate translations, Google has announced […]

Google Translate App Allowed Paramedics To Communicate With A Congolese Woman
There are so many different apps on our phones, all with different purposes, and it’s really hard to tell when they might all come in handy. Recently a couple of paramedics in Ireland found great use for the Google Translate app when they had to rush a Congolese woman to the hospital where she was going to give birth.However while they were on route, the baby could no longer wait […]

Google Translate Updated With Speedier Translations And Word Lens
The other day we reported that Google was working on updating Google Translate for Android where it could gain delay-free translation, similar to the feature Skype has recently introduced, as well as a Word Lens feature that would allow users to translate an image with foreign text into the language of your choice.We weren’t sure when the update would be pushed out, but the good news is that if you […]