Rockstar Games has been rather quiet on the Grand Theft Auto 5 front, where the game company had scarcely released any essential information for fans of the franchise to feast on. Well, I guess it is a good way to kick start your Monday with word of three screenshots that you can check out right after the jump concerning Grand Theft Auto 5, showing off a trio of transportation classes. The modes of transportation would be a racing bicycle, a car under the brand “Cheeta”, and an aeroplane that resembles a fighter jet. Wowzers – does this mean you are able to drop napalm across entire neighborhoods on the bad guys who piss you off? These leaked images do seem to be rather high resolution, so chances are pretty good that these will not be part of a mod. We look forward with bated breath to the release date of Grand Theft Auto 5, but for the moment, these leaked screenshots will have to make do, fanboy.

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