Good news gamers, we know that Guild Wars 2 is close to launching and if you’re one of those who pre-purchased the game or pre-ordered it, these are some of the times and servers that you can look forward to choosing to launch your new adventure. For pre-purchasers, as expected, you guys will have a 3 day head start compared to everyone else and the servers are expected to go live on Saturday, 25th of August at 8am UK time, although the folks at Eurogamer are saying that the servers could possibly go live a little bit earlier. For those who pre-ordered, you guys will get your one day head start on the 27th of August 8am UK time. The game client is currently available for download so gamers should probably go ahead and download and patch it and get ready for the launch. In the meantime the list of servers available on the 25th of August are listed below after the break.



  • Fissure of Woe
  • Desolation
  • Gandara
  • Blacktide
  • Ring of Fire
  • Underworld
  • Far Shiverpeaks
  • Whiteside Ridge
  • Ruins of Surmia
  • Seafarer’s Rest
  • Vabbi
  • Piken Square
  • Aurora Glade
  • Gunnar’s Hold
  • Jade Sea [FR]
  • Fort Ranik [FR]
  • Augury Rock [FR]
  • Vizunah Square [FR]
  • Kodash [DE]
  • Riverside [DE]
  • Elona Reach [DE]
  • Abaddon’s Mouth [DE]
  • Drakkar Lake [DE]
  • Baruch Bay [ES]


  • Anvil Rock
  • Borlis Pass
  • Yak’s Bend
  • Henge of Denravi
  • Maguuma
  • Sorrow’s Furnace
  • Gate of Madness
  • Jade Quarry
  • Fort Aspenwood
  • Ehmry Bay
  • Stormbluff Isle
  • Darkhaven
  • Sanctum of Rall
  • Crystal Desert
  • Isle of Janthir
  • Sea of Sorrows
  • Tarnished Coast
  • Northern Shiverpeaks
  • Blackgate
  • Ferguson’s Crossing
  • Dragonbrand

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