It’s summer and chances are it’s probably too hot to do anything, let alone mow the lawn but someone’s got to do it, right? Well if you think that the opportunity cost of you mowing your lawn is greater than the price you would pay for a robot to do it for you (yes, we said robot), then you’re in luck as Honda has officially unveiled the Miimo, a robotic lawn mower destined for the European market. Operating within a boundary wire placed around your yard, the Miimo will cut anywhere between 2-3mm of your grass throughout the week, and will do so in random patterns which is designed to reduce the stress on your lawn. With a fan built into the blade holder, this allows the Miimo to suck the grass towards the blades which results in a “superior” finish.

The Miimo will run on a lithium-ion battery and has the ability to return to its charging station when it is low on battery. The device will also sport three bump sensors which helps it to navigate away from solid objects that it might have accidentally run into, and also has the ability to manage its wheel and blade speed when it runs into thick patches of grass.  Available in two models (Miimo 300 and Miimo 500), the Honda Miimo will be available via Honda Authorized Dealers across Europe in 2013 although there was no word on how much it will cost. [Press release]

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