When fall arrives, and you are not part of the 83 million fake Facebook users, chances are you might stumble upon blurred out photos in Facebook. The reason behind this is not that Facebook users have gotten more diligent in blurring out faces of their family members and friends in some of their photos using an image manipulation software, but rather, because this fall is when McAfee will roll out their Social Protection product which allows you to gain more control over just who are able to view photos on your site, in addition to preventing folks from downloading such images for viewing at a different place.

Social Protection for Facebook is a collaboration between Intel and McAfee, where the browser’s plug-in will show off your photos as blurs, at least until your recipients also go ahead and install the plug-in. When they view your pictures using Social Protection, they cannot download or share these pictures, and those who think that they can circumvent this using the classic screenshot technique will be disappointed to know it does not work. I guess the only way would be to use a digital camera, snap a photo of it, and you’re good to go.

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