Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Be Bundled With McAfee Anti-Malware Software
Most mobile phone companies these days tend to do a pretty good job of ensuring that their devices stay updated with the most recent security patches. This is to ensure that exploits and vulnerabilities are patched in a timely manner to prevent them from being used, but this isn’t an end-all solution.

McAfee Predicts More Malware Will Target Smart Homes In 2019
The conveniences offered up by smart home devices like smart bulbs, thermostats, locks, and more are too good to pass up. After all who wouldn’t relish the idea of a home adapting to our needs, our lights turning on automatically when needed, temperatures adjusted dynamically to offer the most comfort, and fridges that reminds us and even help us order food when we’re out.

McAfee Discourages Hack Victims From Paying Ransom
Ransomware attacks seem to be one of the more common cyber attacks that we’re seeing in recent times. For those unfamiliar, basically a hacker will get into your system and encrypt the files on your computer in which they hold the key, and you’ll only be able to unlock it once you’ve paid them a ransom.

Malware On Mac Is On The Rise
It has long been believed that the fundamentally different nature of Mac OS protects it from the wide variety of malware that plagues Windows PCs. However, there has been a steady growth in malware on Mac over the past few years and the latest McAfee Threat Report shows that it’s continuously on the rise.


McAfee To Come Preinstalled On Samsung Devices
While malware has always been around, these days companies are doing more on their end to prevent their devices from getting infected, such as implementing their own security checks and so on. However sometimes malware can slip past, especially for those who aren’t quite as technically proficient and who might be fooled by fake links and websites.

Vulnerability In Adobe Reader Discovered By McAfee
A new vulnerability has been discovered in Adobe Reader by security firm McAfee. The vulnerability makes it possible for people to see how a PDF file has been used. This un-patched security issue exists in every version of Adobe Reader, according to Haifei Li of McAfee. The latest sandboxed Adobe Reader XI, version 11.0.2, also has this vulnerability. It doesn’t allow code execution, meaning that this flaw isn’t a problem that should set […]

McAfee Patented Technology Will Detect And Block All Pirated Content
McAfee’s newly patented technology can not only detect but also block all pirated content. This technology will expand McAfee’s SiteAdvisor tool through which it will detect pirated material available on any website. Such content will be blocked and users will be given legal alternatives. For example if someone’s trying to download a movie’s pirated copy, they’d be given the option to purchase it instead, and won’t be allowed to download […]

McAfee sought by police in murder investigation
John McAfee’s name is a famous one – at least his family name is, for coming up with one of the more popular antivirus programs in the realm of PC computing. It is rather unfortunate that he is currently being sought after by the Belize police in connection with a murder, where American expatriate Gregory Faull is concerned. Faull was shot on Saturday night at his home in San Pedro […]

McAfee Social Protection for Facebook offers greater degree of privacy
When fall arrives, and you are not part of the 83 million fake Facebook users, chances are you might stumble upon blurred out photos in Facebook. The reason behind this is not that Facebook users have gotten more diligent in blurring out faces of their family members and friends in some of their photos using an image manipulation software, but rather, because this fall is when McAfee will roll out […]

Automotive system security is the next battleground [McAfee]
McAfee has published a report called “Caution, Malware Ahead”, which describes security threats in auto information systems. There is no doubt that we live in a world where the number of connected devices is set to explode. If you think that it has already exploded, wait and see what the next 10 years will look like. Last year, there was 1 Billion connected devices, and Ericsson expect that we’ll have […]

Intel finalizes McAfee buyout
Silicon giant Intel is pleased to announce that they have finally finalized and completed their acquisition of computer security company McAfee, where the latter has taken its wings under the Intel Software and Services Group as a subsidiary. This deal has been touted to be within the $7.68 billion region, and it did take a fair bit of convincing on Intel’s part to touch base with the European Commission that […]

McAfee Offers To Reimburse Folks Affected By The Recent Botched Update
The folks over at McAfee are probably scrambling to do their best to limit the damage to their image caused by the recent fiasco of a botched update. The mistake took down tens of thousands (possibly millions) of computers around the globe. Now the security company is offering to reimburse reasonable expenses associated with the repair of your computer that was botched by this update. To further try and claw […]

Facebook Partners With McAfee To Offer Security Software
If you’re currently evaluating antivirus software for your computer, you might want to take note that Facebook has partnered with McAfee to offer all of its 350 million users free security software for a 6-month period. It’s good to see websites take an initiative to help its users out with the security side of things. That being said, there is a minor catch, as it’s only available for Windows-based computers […]