While OS X Mountain Lion might be Apple’s latest operating system at the moment, it might not really be the greatest as far as MacBook Pro users are concerned. According to a test conducted by Ars Technica, they have discovered that there might be evidence to suggest that it could be draining battery life on MacBooks faster than its predecessor, OS X Lion. Their test results have shown that they have lost about 38% of runtime after upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion. This is compared to the 8 hours they managed to achieve with Lion versus the 5 hours they got with Mountain Lion. Of course these tests can hardly be called scientific, but this is not the first report of battery drain when the operating system was launched. There is a thread on the Apple support forums where there are many reports on MacBook users complaining about how battery life has dropped considerably after installing Mountain Lion. Any OS X Mountain Lion users on MacBooks who can attest to these claims, or do you find that battery life has not differed that much from OS X Lion?

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