If you’re a fan of going green and the issue of sustainability is something that’s bothering you, then perhaps these bio-degradable iPad sleeves might be worth taking a look at. As you can see from the screenshot above, these iPad sleeves are by no means flashy, but they are bio-degradable which is worth taking into account. It would also be a nice complement to Apple’s products which have also been touted as being “green” as well. Now according to the folks at Paper Nomad, these sleeves are made from a tear resistant paper composite, a pull strap made from hemp with a cotton cushioning and sheep-wool lining.


Apart from the fact that they are green, they don’t really offer much in terms of functionality, i.e. doubling as a stand, but they look good enough to get the job done of protecting your iPad. While it was not stated on their website regarding water resistance, given that it is made out of paper after all, we can imagine that it would probably be a good idea to prevent the sleeve from getting wet in the first place. Paper Nomad also offers bio-degradable sleeves for the iPhone, iPod and the MacBook series of laptops. You can pop on over to their website to learn more or to place an order.

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