The Pentagon has just updated their latest set of rules for service members when it comes to using popular social media outlets, and of course, you would expect the big guns such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to rank amongst the list. This new directive on social media is meant to replace the old rules (issued in 2010) that expired on July 15th, where the expiration date was extended last month when the leadership failed to arrive on a new set of guidance. In a space of less than two full years, certainly the social media landscape has changed a fair bit, but the Pentagon did not really catch up with the times, diminishing it to a two-pager on general use of “Internet based capabilities.”

Perhaps the new set of social media rules will arrive in the form of a manual? Will there be a dedicated team of social media enthusiasts who will monitor every Facebook post and Twitter feed before approval? Do our readers have any tips to share with the Pentagon, and make it feel far less formal?

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