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Pentagon's Laser Can Identify People From Far Away By Just Their Heartbeat
Much like how our fingerprints are different from each other, so are our cardiac signatures. They can be used to identify individuals and Pentagon has developed something which can even do that from a distance. A new device has been developed for the Pentagon which can identify people based on their cardiac signature.

Pentagon Restricts Use Of Fitness Trackers With Location Features
The Pentagon has issued a memo to notify soldiers and other personnel stationed at sensitive military bases and warzone areas of a new restriction on fitness and activity trackers with location-tracking features. They’re no longer allowed to use the location features of these devices as the data could potentially reveal where troops are situated.

Elon Musk Talked To The Pentagon About A 'Flying Metal Suit'
If there’s one tech billionaire that regularly gets compared to the superhero Tony Stark, it’s Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. He’s been known to kid around about this, but the latest joke he makes at the expense of the Pentagon really makes us wonder if one day Musk will declare himself the Iron Man in a press conference. He tweeted something in response to a CNN report about Musk […]

Autonomous Weapons Are More Dangerous Than You Think
Paul Scharre, a former Pentagon official who played a role in establishing the country’s policy on autonomous weapons, has written a new report which argues that these weapons are more dangerous in real-world environments than we think because they’re susceptible to design failure, hacking, spoofing and manipulation by the enemy. Scharre now directs a program on the future of warfare at the Center for a New American Security, which is […]


Pentagon Shuts Down Killer Drone Fleet
Don’t you feel that there are some rather frustrating moments with those in power who seem to think as though they are working with an unlimited budget? For instance, here is another incident that might raise your blood pressure a wee bit as a law-abiding taxpayer – it seems that the Pentagon is shutting down its armed drone fleet program after spending billions of dollars on development.

Atlas Humanoid Robot Might End Up As Robotic Butler
It was in April last year that the Pentagon showed off their spanking new Atlas robot, which might very well change the way that wars are fought on the battlefield. However, is there a possibility of transforming machines which are meant to help other footsoldiers out during war to also be useful when peace abounds? Perhaps, as you can see in the video of Atlas in action above.

Pentagon Looking Into System That Automatically Detects Breaches
What we’ve seen so far with regards to hacks is that they are usually discovered when it is too late and the information has been stolen. This isn’t to say that there aren’t security measures in place, but when hackers exploit loopholes and vulnerability that can go around these security measures, there’s little to be done about except learn from the mistakes.Unfortunately there are some things where it might dangerous […]

iOS Devices Now Approved For Military Use By Department Of Defense
Earlier this month, we heard reports both Samsung Galaxy and iOS devices were in the process of being approved to be used by the U.S. Department of Defense. Soon after that report, we heard both BlackBerry and Samsung devices were approved, but there was still no word whether or not iOS devices would also be okayed by the Department of Defense. It looks like it’s finally Apple’s turn to receive approval […]

Pentagon Okays Use Of BlackBerry And Samsung Devices
It was a couple of days ago when we brought you word that the Pentagon is mulling over the suitability of using both Apple as well as Samsung devices in their hallowed hallways, and here we are with word that the Pentagon has just approved the use of BlackBerry and Samsung devices on their Defense Department networks. The approved devices would be BlackBerry 10 smartphones (did you expect anything less?), […]

Pentagon Could Enlist Samsung And Apple Devices
Government contracts can be lucrative business if you happen to win a tender fair and square, but before “victory” is achieved, one would need to perform a careful study when formulating the winning formula, so to speak. We do know that Apple as well as Samsung have been in talking to the Department of Defense in order to deliver their own smartphones and tablets for use by employees of the […]

Pentagon Wants EMP Grenade
We have seen the devastating effects of an EMP blast before – mostly in comics, and more recently, in a plethora of sci-fi movies. Well, it seems that the EMP blast is something that the Pentagon is looking for, and to be more specific, they way an electromagnetic pulse grenade for their troops – the sooner, the better, of course. Imagine tossing one of these bad boys in the vicinity […]

Pentagon will continue to use BlackBerry phones
In spite of an era that is dominated by iPhone 5s, Galaxy smartphones, and Nexus devices, Research In Motion continues to prove its reliability in terms of security, at least to the Pentagon. The Pentagon, the heart of America’s security and defense, said today that it will continue to use and support BlackBerry phones. This is definitely a good news for the struggling BlackBerry maker, considering that the U.S. military […]

Pentagon lays down new social media rules
The Pentagon has just updated their latest set of rules for service members when it comes to using popular social media outlets, and of course, you would expect the big guns such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest to rank amongst the list. This new directive on social media is meant to replace the old rules (issued in 2010) that expired on July 15th, where the expiration date was extended last […]

Dell Streak 5 cleared by Pentagon
Who would have thought that the Dell Streak 5, one of the more unheralded Android-powered slate devices in the market, has been cleared for government use by the Pentagon? Yes sir, we are talking about an already discontinued device, but I guess after taking over a year to prepare the Dell Streak 5, it might be a waste of time to get back to the drawing board to incorporate enhanced […]