Facebook logoYou would have thought that the British royalty that tends to maintain a stiff upper lip stance would have said something about this bit of news, but as at press time, there was nothing from them to deny the deletion of Prince Harry’s Facebook account which was operating under the alter ego, Spike Wells. This was done after it was alleged that photos of Prince Harry’s nude “strip pool” antics in Las Vegas appeared, courtesy of some rather timely advice from his private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. Should this be true, it makes sense, as the Palace would no doubt be concerned that additional distasteful photos might eventually make their way online that depict the young prince’s escapade with his mates on Sir Richard Branson’s private Necker Island where they stayed prior to visiting Las Vegas.


Harry’s two best friends, Tom ‘Skippy’ Inskip and Arthur Landon, were reported to have shut down their respective Facebook accounts as well. There is no confirmation as to whether the prince was actually photographed naked in a two-storey suite in Vegas, alongside a dozen “randomly recruited” girls, but that would be pretty tame by Vegas standards anyways. What do you think about the whole deal? Will Prince Harry eventually start another Facebook account?

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