Making edits with other folks in a collaborative effort over a document stored on the cloud is ideal in keeping track of different edits made by various folks with their respective timestamps, but sometimes, as the old proverb says, “too many cooks spoil the soup”. With Google Spreadsheets in Google Docs, the Internet search giant has decided to introduce the idea of Protected Ranges, making it possible to modify a section which a collaborator did not intend to be edited. This is the reason why the Named Ranges feature in spreadsheets has been updated so that you are able to protect them.


In order to access the Protected Ranges in a shared spreadsheet, all you need to do is highlight the cells which you would like to protect, right-click, and select Name and protect range from the menu. Apart from protected ranges, you are also able to add colors and patterns whenever you apply cell borders in Google spreadsheets. It is also now possible to find and replace by searching for pattern. Do expect more features and updates to arrive in the coming weeks.

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