Have you watched “Tomorrow Never Dies”, where 007 controlled his BMW 750iL with his Ericsson handset? Well, that was certainly fantasy back in the day, but just like how most folks wondered when will large scale touchscreen technology arrive in the real world after watching Minority Report and seeing how tablets and smartphones are all pervasive today, we would not bet against a remote controlled car being on our streets in a decade’s time, either. What you see above is actually a China-made remote controlled car, but it is still a far cry from what James Bond’s BMW 750iL is capable of.

For starters, this full-sized, road-legal sedan that can be controlled via a remote control is extremely limited in its mobility. We are looking at a maximum speed that would be unable to overtake your everyday jogger – a mere 2km/h, tops. Not only that, it will function when the operator is no more than 33 feet away. The thing is, this is the first full size remote control sedan to date, and we do hope to see vast improvements made to it soon, especially concerning the top speed.

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