Resident Evil 6 will go gold this coming October 2nd, with the release date being confirmed at a level of confidence just like how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Well, here we are with the latest trailer of Resident that showcases its services in a far more comprehensive manner, where this particular service was specially designed to being a greater enhancement to Resident Evil 6. Statistics buffs will be pleased to keep track of comprehensive stats such as number of enemies killed, the kinds of weapons used, and medals earned among others. You are also able to perform a comparison of your game with friends and other Resident Evil 6 gamers worldwide to keep that competitive streak in you sharp.

Not only that, share your latest achievements with friends over Twitter and Facebook, while you are also able to pick up RE.Net points simply by connecting to the service or entering events. Are you looking forward to blasting even more zombies into oblivion?

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