Developers and fans of Blackberry devices, if you have been wondering what sort of screen resolutions we might be dealing with when Blackberry 10 devices are released in the future, you might be interested to learn that RIM has come forward and confirmed the screen resolutions for upcoming Blackberry 10 handsets. As some of you guys know, RIM will be releasing Blackberry 10 devices in either full touchscreen mode, or a device that features a physical QWERTY keyboard as well which is a trademark look for Blackberry handsets.

Taken from their dev blog, it has been revealed that for full touchscreen devices, they will come with a screen resolution of 1280×720. Devices with a physical keyboard will sport a resolution of 720×720 instead. The blog post went on to mention that the first Blackberry 10 device will be based on the screen resolution of the Dev Alpha device which is measured at 1280×768, but future devices will follow the resolutions mentioned above. If you’d like more details, pop on over to the dev blog for the full run down.

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