With faster network speeds these days and with our smartphones and tablets becoming more than capable of replacing our laptops for certain activities, such as typing emails, quick photo edits, checking Facebook, it is no surprise that some have turned to their mobile devices to type up blog posts while on the go. That and being connected to data networks allows users to post blog posts as soon as they’re done, instead of having to search for a WiFi hotspot or get a modem dongle. It seems that RIM has taken that into consideration as a recent patent filing was discovered (via Engadget) for a patent that allows for the automatic drafting of a blog entry.


Filed as a “System and method for automatically drafting a blog entry,” this patent has been described as:

There is disclosed a system and method for automatically drafting blog entries. In an embodiment, the method comprises: defining a triggering event for generating a draft blog entry; detecting the triggering event; and upon detection of the triggering event, automatically generating a draft a blog entry in a predetermined format. The triggering event may comprise, for example, capturing an image, video clip, sound clip, or a browsing a webpage having a URL on the wireless mobile device, and the method may further comprise automatically inserting the captured image, video clip, sound clip, or URL into the draft blog entry in the predetermined format together with automatically generated text. Some of the text may be generated in dependence upon the triggering event.

To sum it up, basically this patent of RIM will draft a blog entry whenever a photo or video is taken, or even while browsing a website on the phone. This will allow users to share photos, videos, their thoughts, URLs and etc. via their blogs without having to fill in the content manually. Sure, there are apps like Twitter and Facebook that do that but we guess some users would prefer sharing information on their blogs instead. We’re not sure if this is a feature we can expect in Blackberry 10, but what do you guys think?

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