The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 was just announced officially earlier this week, and in that short period of time from then until today, we also know that an LTE version is in the pipeline for different markets, not to mention the latest “bombshell” if you can call it that – some enterprising folks have already managed to figure out a way to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Yes sir, after rooting your device (see our more comprehensive write up on rooting and its implications on your Android-powered device), you will be able to run apps which normally would not be able to, in addition to allowing you to tweak the default operating system by replacing it with a different, custom ROM.

Step-by-step instructions to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 can be found here, where the entire process is said to take approximately 20 minutes, in addition to the amount of time required to download the ODIN file as well as stock ROM. Just remember to perform a backup of all your important data if you are bent on rooting your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as you can never quite tell just when Murphy is going to strike.

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