The thing we love about patents is that sometimes the ideas that have been patented are a bit out there, and while they may not necessarily be realized, it’s still interesting to see what some of these companies and their engineers have thought up. Thanks to a discovered patent from Samsung, it seems that they have thought up of a phone that has the ability to emit perfume. This isn’t some strip on the phone that smells nice, but rather a portion of the phone that actually contains some sort of aromatic sponge that “recharges” when you put your phone down to charge. We’re not sure how it will give off the scent, perhaps through heat either from the battery or through a specially designed circuit. We’re also not sure how many of you guys actually need a phone that emits perfume because if you have a phone that smells bad, we’re thinking that perhaps perfume is not the way to go about solving it! Anyway what do you guys think?

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