Having the ability to control your camera via your phone can be pretty handy. This allows users to use their phones as remote shutters to take photos so that they don’t have to wait for the timer, along with the possibility of changing settings without having to run back to the camera. Now assuming the latest batch of Sony NEX-5R and NEX-6 rumors are true, phone control is one of the rumored features that will be making its way into the devices.

Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting that they have learned that both the NEX-5R and the NEX-6 will come with accompanying apps that lets the photographer control the cameras via their smartphones. It is unclear as to how much functionality the app will be bringing, but remote shutter capabilities would not be a stretch of the imagination. The app has also been rumored to be for Android devices and it is unclear as to whether an iPhone app is the works as well.

Additional rumors concerning the NEX-6 includes a 2359k dot image on the viewfinder and its hotshoe is expected to be the same as the A99. Given that we don’t even know when the A99 will be launched (at least not officially), perhaps this might clue photographers in onto some of its features. In any case treat these rumors with a grain of salt for now, but check back with us at a later date for (hopefully) the officially details.

[NEX-6 rendering courtesy of KTFturbo]

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