Sony’s PlayStation 3 controllers aren’t the only controllers on the market and we’ve seen some third-party ones which may or may not be official (we’re thinking the latter). One of the perks of these third-party controllers is that they can be designed anyway they want, i.e. color scheme, patterns, etc., while Sony’s controllers have typically remained a rather somber-looking black. Now if you think that the PlayStation 3 controllers could do with some sprucing up in terms of color and design, Sony is giving you the chance to submit your ideas via the PlayStation.Blog.Share service. Before you get too creative and start redesigning the entire controller by adding additional triggers, buttons, LCD displays and etc., it should be noted that Sony is only looking for a new design in terms of cosmetic changes, which means that the original shape of the controller needs to be maintained. If you’d like more details on how to submit a design, head on over here to learn how to, or pop on over here if you’d like to see the current submissions.

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