As conventional power sources such as coal and oil grow scarcer, the world is looking for viable alternatives. Oil resources, which are driving the major part of world’s economy right now, will be depleted sooner or later. And it’s about time the world started taking alternate energy sources more seriously.

While some may argue that the power generated from alternate energy sources is simply not enough, that is not true. For instance, according to a latest report from certain scientists, if the surface-level winds are harnessed to produce electric power, they alone can given an output of 400 terawatts.

This figure stands in sharp contrast to the current total consumption of humanity – 18 terawatts. Moreover, if we also make use of the high-altitude winds, which are stronger and fiercer, the overall wind-generated power output can be bolstered to 1800 terawatts. That is far, far more than humanity’s total demands. The report which revealed these figures was published in the scientific journal, Nature.

Probably, the chief problem with realizing all this wind power is that of a lack of infrastucture. Let’s just hope that one day humanity is indeed able to harness wind power at such a large scale. And when that day comes, we may even think of exporting some of this electric power to Mars and beyond (probably wirelessly).

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