AMD has just announced that it has become an investor in CiiNOW, a cloud gaming company that streams PC games to any client devices like computers, smartphones, tablets or set top boxes. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it is very similar to OnLive and Gaikai. CiiNOW is a bit different in the sense that instead of providing a service directly to end-users, it offers a white-label platform for others to use.

It’s not a bad solution because this means that it is really up to their clients to figure out how to monetize the service built on top of CiiNOW. As you may have seen, making a cloud gaming service isn’t as obvious as once thought. Just ask OnLive which ran into financial trouble recently.

AMD has a clear synergy with the cloud gaming space because it is already supporting so many developers. However, we wonder if the close relationship between Gaikai and NVIDIA has something to do with this (Gaikai has been acquired by Sony, so let’s see what could come out of it). If the future of gaming is in the cloud, AMD needs to ensure that it has some chips in the game.

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