Microsoft has been improving its search engine Bing, for quite some time now. The software giant has been adding newer features to Bing and trying to bring it closer to the social media. On the other hand, Google still remains the most popular search engine across the web.

In a bid to prove that Bing is better than Google, Microsoft has launched a ‘Bing it On’ TV campaign. The campaign shows people indulging in a ‘Bing it On’ challenge. The challenge is simple: you are asked to punch in a search keyword in the Bing it On website.

On the next page, results from both Google and Bing are displayed without branding them. So you don’t really know which results are from Bing or Google. You simply select the set of results which you think are more relevant and generally better. In total, you perform this five times, each time voting for the search results which you prefer. After five attempts, the total score of Bing vs Google is compared to declare a winner.

The TV campaign by Microsoft claims that a majority of the people ended up voting up for Bing which shows that Bing is becoming more preferable, in terms of the relevancy of search results. While that remains as Microsoft’s perspective, it would be interesting to hear what Google has to say about this. You can play the challenge on Bing it On site.

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