Use of cell phones has become an integral part of our lives. It is because they cater to the urge as well as the need to stay connected 24/7 with our contacts and loved ones. However, when on a flight, it is often annoying that you are simply not able to make calls using your cell phone. Boeing is prepping up to change that.

The company has plans of upgrading its modern planes such as Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental as well as Boeing 787 Dreamliners so that passengers aboard these planes will be able to make calls using their cell phones. It has stated that it intends to achieve this goal by 2013.

A leader in the aviation industry, Boeing intends to equip its modern planes with a whole host of similar other features. For instance, it plans on making Wi-Fi as well as internet access available during the flights.

By 2014, Boeing hopes, passengers aboard the aforementioned planes will be able to make use of wireless streaming media. While that remains the technical aspect of things, what remains to be seen is that how far the governments will support such a move.

The right to allow or refuse the permission to use on-board cellular calling will still remain with the governments of such countries over which the Boeing planes will be flying. So while the company’s goals sound fairly ambitious, it may also have to undergo governmental scrutiny to actually introduce them in the coming years.

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