Apple is always pushing the limits of innovation, having pioneered a number of new technologies in the tech arena. The company’s patents are usually an indicator as to what its plans are for its future products. While that may or may not be true, the patents do tell us what those intelligent heads at Apple’s R&D are thinking.

A new patent by Apple, which has been published only today, refers to a flexible display which can be equipped with a whole host of interesting features. While we haven’t seen any actual functional flexible displays in any of the available products yet, the notion isn’t new.

Flexible display, in itself, is a very enticing feature. However, Apple’s patent speaks of going even further and equipping this flexible display with features such as speakers, laser mic and a tactile keyboard.

The notion of having a built-in speaker right in the display of, say, an iPad in the future is very enticing. This would eliminate the need for iPad users to purchase a separate set of speakers. The idea could be implemented simply be adding some transducers at the back of the flexible display and it may even be implemented in an iPhone, significantly boasting the music-playing prospects of the device.

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